MKM resuming Legal and Advisory Clinic

|     Hakim Hayat     |

THE Brunei Council on Social Welfare (MKM) will reopen its Legal and Advisory Clinic on January 23 for eligible members of the public seeking free legal advice.

This year, the clinic will operate fortnightly on Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm at the premises of Yusof Halim & Partners at BT Hj Uthman Complex in Jalan Berakas.

To be eligible for free legal advice, they must be a Brunei resident with a combined total household income (including any welfare assistance) divided by the number of household members not exceeding BND400.

MKM Head of the Legal Clinic Azril Anwar told the Bulletin that 95 per cent of those who seek legal advice are for Syariah matrimonial matters.

“Since the launch of this programme, we have taken up 40 legal actions in both the Syariah and non-Syariah courts and open up 400 legal advisory files on matters that does not proceed to court. All these are done on a ‘pro bono’ basis to the clients.”

He also shared that some of those coming to the clinic seek welfare advice, such as guidance on obtaining welfare assistance.

The clinic usually closes for the months of Ramadhan and Syawal as well as December and most of January.

“MKM is involved in so many projects and members also need time for their families during these months, so we customarily suspend operations for these months. The clinic will be open for the remaining months”

Those wishing to come to the clinic are advised to bring the identification and income documents of all members of their family. MKM will make necessary verifications before giving any assistance.

Three law firms are currently assisting MKM in this programme; Yusof Halim & Partners, Syarikat Haji Khamis Al-Haj (Syariah Lawyers) and Syarikat Al-Wady (Syariah Lawyers).