Induction cooktop with new heating technology to hit Brunei market

|     Fizah HAB     |

CUCKOO International Brunei Sdn Bhd introduced its latest addition to the family – the all-new Cuckoo Inductrio Hybrid Induction Hob, during an unveiling ceremony at the Avenue 41 in Kiarong yesterday.

The Inductrio is a state-of-the-art hybrid induction cooker top with two smart induction tops and one highlight top. The induction tops feature powerful and high-frequency electromagnets that generate a magnetic field that instantly heats up the pan and not the cooktop’s surface, making the induction tops surface safe to touch even when it is turned on.

Meanwhile, the highlight top contains coiled metal elements that electronically heat up to the desired temperature under a tempered glass.

In addition to its elegant aesthetics, the Inductrio is constructed and equipped with various technological features, such as Cuckoo’s patented Direct Touch Sensor, which is designed to detect the temperature of the cookware in use through direct contact, allowing the Inductrio to accurately and instantly transfer heat.

The cooker top also has Cuckoo’s patented High-Heat and Smart Algorithm which is an intelligent automatic adjustment feature that allows the Inductrio to provide full heat coverage while cooking.

The new product was launched by Cuckoo International Brunei Managing Director Wong Kim Guan, and Marketing Director Wong Hui Ting. The launching ceremony also featured a cooking demonstration by Chef Ing using the Cuckoo Inductrio Hybrid Induction Hob.

The Inductrio is set to hit the Brunei market during the 22nd Consumer Fair at the International Convention Centre on January 23-27, with an outright price of BND1,550, together with a one-year free Natural Care service and a Free Inductrio case stand worth BND400. There is also a ‘Rent to Own’ plan where the Inductrio is set to be priced at BND59 per month, along with a five-year free Natural Care service.

Cuckoo International Brunei Managing Director Wong Kim Guan and Marketing Director Wong Hui Ting launch the new product. – FIZAH HAB