Indonesian troop killed in shootout in eastern Papua

JAKARTA (Xinhua) – An Indonesian troop was killed in a shootout with insurgents in easternmost province of Papua following an ambush against Indonesian troops in the province’s Puncak Jaya regency, a Papua Military Command spokesperson said.

The insurgents’ ambush took place when the troops distributed logistics to military outposts in the regency, Papua Military Command Spokesperson Muhammad Aidi said in Papua capital of Jayapura last Saturday.

During the shootout an Indonesian troop identified as Mukamu was shot in his left leg. He was dead due to severe bleeding, failed to get immediate proper treatment due to severely bad weather in the location.

“Evacuation and aid for the injured troop were late due to bad weather. He died in location,” the spokesperson said, referring to the incident that took place last Friday.

Aidi said Indonesian troops found rifle gun’s magazines with bullets inside that belonged to the insurgents after sweeping out the location aftermath shootout.

He alleged that the insurgent group which ambushed the troops were led by a rebel figure Lekagak Telenggen.