Host of exciting activities lined-up at Malam Minggu Pusat Belia

|     Danial Norjidi     |

THE second Malam Minggu Pusat Belia (MMPB) event will feature a number of exciting activities prepared by companies and youth associations.

According to a press release from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS), the MMPB is a youth volunteer project under the ministry.

The project features activities of art and culture, entertainment and entrepreneurship in creative industries and will be held at the Youth Centre.

The project is held on the first Saturday of each month from 7.30pm with the goal of increasing the productivity of the creative industry by conducting proactive and innovative activities led by youth themselves and by using the facilities available at the Youth Centre.

The Mono Jazz Night, one such activity organised by Amux Motion and Sutera Memento, will take place at the Riadah Hall, and will involve monologue and vocal jazz rhythm performances. Another is the Trampoline Fitness workout activity, which will be held at the Youth Centre Dance Studio, hosted by GMSS and Fitness Lab BN.

A Make-Up Tutorial session will also be held, and will include facial beauty treatment carried out by Fitness Lab BN with make-up artist Mami Dina at the Youth Centre’s Make Up Salon.

In addition, the Silaturrahim Hall will feature an art performance called ‘Jiwaku Seni’ that involves a number of exhibitions of youth entrepreneurs, and is jointly organised by the Bureau of Arts and Culture, Youth Community Transformation Club, Kris Karmila and the Freelance Cosplay Association.

Meanwhile, in the Belia Kitani Space, an event called ‘Juicing Party’ will be held by Pro Network Team, with the aim of sharing knowledge on the preparation of healthy beverages towards supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Cosplay members will also enliven the Belia Kitani Space with various demonstrations of their association.

The press release added that in line with the objectives of MMPB, entrepreneurship development among youths is also given priority.

QD Roses Event Management will conduct sales activities by gathering youths involved in entrepreneurship for a wide range of products, including those in online selling.

Around 35 local young entrepreneurs have been identified. Among the products and sellers set to feature are: Burger Streets, Livecook Danial, Meltz Edura, MamaPhoto Tiara, Noodle Bar Rina, Fuyoo Hotdog Nur Ainnie, Lekolicious Suraya, Chickout Nur Haziyah, Jumbo Drinks Azaman, Go Jagus Leeza, Ice Cream Pot Shahanaz, Arkat Corner, Randonnee Café, Prawn Letup Marlina, Ais Kepal Dilah, Popit Tokoyaki Nurulhanisah, Churros Pirates Café, Freezy Slushies, Hijabs & Heels, and Essential Oil Wondermama.