Former Scottish leader Salmond arrested, charged: Reports

LONDON (AP) – Former Scottish leader Alex Salmond has been arrested and charged with an unspecified offence, Scottish authorities and media said yesterday.

Police Scotland said “a 64-year-old man has been arrested and charged” and a report sent to prosecutors. Media outlets identified the arrested man as Salmond.

Police released the statement in response to a request for information about Salmond.

They declined to name the man or release further details before a court appearance, expected later yesterday

Salmond stepped down as leader of the governing Scottish National Party (SNP) in August after sexual harassment allegations were made by two women.

Salmond strongly denies the claims and sued the Scottish government over its handling of the claims.

Scotland’s highest civil court ruled earlier this month that the way the Scottish government handled the allegations against Salmond was unlawful, but that didn’t derail the police investigation.

Salmond led the pro-inde-pendence SNP for 20 years and headed Scotland’s semi-autonomous government as first minister, from 2007 to 2014.

Former Scottish leader Alex Salmond. – AP