Flood victims want local authorities to provide warning siren

KUCHING (Bernama) – Flood victims of Kampong Sungai Lumut are calling on the local authorities to put up warning siren of impending floods when a heavy downpour occurs.

An affected villager, Kamariah Ramli, 46, said she has been facing the same situation each time there is a flood in the past 25 years.

She said if the local authorities were able to warn residents in the area whenever there was a threat of flood, it would be easier for her family and other residents to save their valuable belongings.

“In the latest incident, we only knew of a flood when water had reached our beds at about 4am and as usual our car, motorcycle, washing machine and refrigerator were damaged,” the mother of three told Bernama.

Her house located in Kampong Sungai Lumut was inundated with knee-level water after eight hours of non-stop rain.

She said if the local authorities were able to give early warning, her family would move the car and motorcycle to a safe place earlier.