European court to rule on Amanda Knox mistreatment case

MILAN (AP) – Europe’s human rights court is issuing a ruling on Amanda Knox’s case claiming mistreatment by authorities during questioning following the November 1, 2007 killing of her British roommate.

Knox claimed that the failure to provide her with a lawyer or interpreter during a long night of questioning violated her rights.

She also claims that police led her to come up with scenarios for Meredith Kercher’s brutal slaying, and that she was twice slapped and psychologically pressured by police.

Knox and her former boyfriend were initially convicted in Kercher’s slaying.

They eventually were acquitted in the killing after a years-long series of flip-flop higher-court decisions. Italy’s highest court did confirm Knox’s conviction for falsely accusing a Congolese bar owner.

An Ivorian immigrant is serving a 16-year sentence for the murder.