Dave Franco saved Alison Brie from bush

DAVE Franco had to save his wife Alison Brie from a bush at the Golden Globe Awards after her dress got stuck.

The 33-year-old actor was tasked with detangling his wife and fellow actress Alison from a plant while at the award ceremony earlier this month, after her custom made Vera Wang dress got caught in the branches of the bush.

Speaking whilst on the Today show on Friday, he said, “She got her dress caught in the bush and I went in and took it out of the bush and then it became a big thing. I gotta look out for her.

“She put a lot of work into hair and makeup, and that dress. We gotta make sure she’s looking perfect. She looked beautiful that night.”

Dave is often a supportive husband to Brie, 35, as the Glow actress recently revealed he always compliments her cooking, even if it’s not good.

She said, “(Dave) loves when I cook for him. He’s always such a great sport. When I cook something that doesn’t taste the best, when I try out a new recipe … Oh gosh, he loves it and I feel super proud! (Then) I taste a bite, and it’s like, womp womp.”

Meanwhile, Alison previously insisted that although she had her Now You See Me star spouse are loving parents to their two cats, Harry and Arturo, they won’t be having children of their own because she finds the idea of having a family “stressful” and relishes the freedom she has in her life and career without having to worry about dependents. – BANG!