Belait basketball reaches new heights with new committee members

|     Daniel Lim     |

FOLLOWING the appointment of the new Belait District Basketball Association (BDBA) committee members for the 2019-2020 session in November last year, the committee members were officially sworn into their duty at the Cheng Wah Restaurant, Seria on Thursday night.

The event served to not only commemorate the occasion, but to also have the committee members swear to the oath of upholding the association’s vision and mission of supporting basketball in the district.

Among those present at the official installation of the newly appointed committee members were previous committee members as well as permanent honorary chairmen of the association. Newly sworn in BDBA Chairman

for 2019-2020 Koo Kung Loi noted that while he has just been appointed as the association’s new Chairman, he assured that he along with the newly sworn in committee members will continue to strive to develop and nurture the skills and talents found among the district’s residents, especially in basketball, and that the surrounding community will continue to support the association’s effort.

The newly appointed Belait District Basketball Association (BDBA) committee members with the BDBA permanent honorary chairmen in a group photo. – DANIEL LIM

He added the committee will continue to conduct basketball competitions and activities to inspire and encourage more participation from residents, especially the youth, in partaking in basketball.

“I hope that everyone will be able to work together to strive towards a common goal of helping to raise and promote the sports here in the district. I am confident that with our strong contribution and support, we will be able to help further develop basketball in the district,” he said.

Following his speech as well as the swearing of the oath for the newly appointed BDBA committee members, the ceremony continued with the newly appointed committee members signing the prepared committee members board.

This was followed with the handing of gifts to the previous committee members and permanent honorary chairmen, before concluding with a dinner.