Amputee Sumatran tiger gives birth to cubs

PADANG-LAWAS, Indonesia (AFP) – A Sumatran tiger with an amputated paw has given birth to a pair of cubs in Indonesia, amid fears for the future of the critically endangered species.

Gadis – whose name means girl in Indonesian – delivered her babies at the Padang Lawas conservation area in North Sumatra about a month ago, conservationists said.

The tiger mom has been undergoing rehabilitation since her paw and part of her leg were amputated two years ago after getting caught in a trap for catching wild boars. “Gadis… has now recovered and is healthy, giving birth to the two cubs,” said Reserve Head Parta Basmeli Siregar.

The sex of the two cubs has not yet been established, he added.

Sumatran tiger births are rare and the species is considered critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

There are fewer than 400 left in the wild and environmental activists said they are increasingly coming into conflict with people as their natural habitat is rapidly deforested.