Over 200 enjoy Indian charity food fiesta

Over 200 member of the Indian community in Seria, Belait District participated in a fun-filled weekend at the Charity Food fest at the Indian Association of Belait (IAB) premises in Seria last Sunday evening.

Fifteen food stalls were set up by members of the association, which served delicacies from different parts of India including Idlis, Parothas, Pani-Puri, Pakodas, Tandoori Chicken, Indian tea and many others.

The event also featured a painting exhibition. The charity event was organised by the Welfare Section of IAB to raise funds for needy in the community. Money raised from the event will be donated to a charitable organisation later this year.

The association is also organising a cricket tournament titled Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s Memorial Cricket Tournament for its members to commemorate one of the former presidents of India.

IAB regularly organises events celebrating both India and Brunei culture for its members including its 70th anniversary and Deepavali Nite, Gandhi Jayanti celebrations, India’s Independence Day celebration, Hari Raya open house and blood donation campaign.