19th-Century Amherst home cleared for mile-long move

AMHERST, Massachusetts (AP) — Authorities have cleared the way for a 19th-Century home in Amherst, Massachusetts, to be moved intact to a new site about a mile away.

The two-storey building owned by Amherst College will be brought to a vacant lot after the Historical Commission gave unanimous approval last month to lift a yearlong demolition delay put in place last May, The Daily Hampshire Gazette reported.

Capital Projects Manager Mark Andrews at the college, said the move is being coordinated by Amherst developer Barry Roberts, who owns the new lot and the neighbouring property on which a mixed-use building with apartments and a medical office on the ground floor is being developed.

Roberts said he is working with the state Department of Transportation to schedule the day and time the home will be moved down the Route 9 hill and past Amherst College’s athletic fields.

Roberts said it will remain a single-family home once it gets to the new site.