18 KIGS newbies attend briefing

Lyna Mohamad

Eighteen new students of the Foundation Programme at Kolej International Graduate Studies (KIGS) attended a briefing session last Thursday, as part of their orientation programme.

They were welcomed by KIGS CEO Dr Haji Azahairani bin Haji Jamil, who said, “Life in KIGS is not exactly the same that in your former schools; as you move from school level to a higher education level, you will need to get used to the idea of making your own notes and learning independently.

“Don’t expect too much in terms of the ‘spoon-feeding’ way of learning, as many of you used to in your previous schools. We are moving away from this method of learning to a more self-motivated independent learning from students. There is also a component in our programmes at KIGS that require industrial experience.”

He also advised them to voice their problems and concerns to the college administration without any fear of negative consequences: “(We) will take into consideration the needs of individuals, and try to make adjustments without jeopardising the established academic standards and quality.”

The students were also briefed on extracurricular activities, community work and leadership opportunities which they are required to take on throughout their duration of study at KIGS.

Six of the students are enrolled in the Bri-BUS Foundation programme at the college, after which they will proceed to Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) for their degree programme.

The remaining students consist of seven in Information Technology, three in Foundation in Business and one in Foundation in Design.

Students and parents at the briefing. PHOTO: LYNA MOHAMAD