170 students attend talk on healthy living

|     Danial Norjidi     |

INTRACORP (B) Sdn Bhd in partnership with Beko conducted a talk entitled ‘Healthy Living Starts from the Kitchen’ at Chung Hwa Middle School, Bandar Seri Begawan yesterday for some 170 Year 7 students.

The talk was held in conjunction with the ongoing ‘Eat Like A Pro’ campaign, with the aim to create awareness on healthy living.

Speaking on the campaign, Lolita Carman Bito-on from Intracorp (B) Sdn Bhd explained, “It’s a global campaign, because Beko is a global brand.”

She shared that the school talk is a segment of the campaign, and aims to reach out to schools to create awareness on a healthy lifestyle and highlights the importance of healthy eating.

Yesterday’s talk was the second, and featured presentations by programme partner Jonathan Bong from Average Joe as well as Health Education Officer at the Health Promotion Centre Waajidun Ni’am bin Haji Dollah. The proceedings also saw the students taking part in an exercise session.

A statement from the organisers noted the global trend of children eating less fresh vegetables and fresh fruits and more fat and sugar. It also cited the World Health Organization, stating that by 2025, 70 million children around the world will suffer from obesity.

According to the statement, “As a premium partner of FC Barcelona, Beko knows exactly what the top players in the world eat every day in order to perform at their best. By showing children what their heroes eat, we can make healthy food exciting.”

Chung Hwa Middle School students in a group photo. – DANIAL NORJIDI