17 businesses fined for violating MoH directives

James Kon

Seventeen local businesses were levied with compound fines amounting to BND7,800 for violating the directives and instructions issued by the Ministry of Health (MoH) to curb the spread of the COVID-19 in the country.

The businesses were among 130 premises nationwide, which came under the scrutiny of the MoH’s Health Enforcement Unit, during the latest Merati operation from November 2-8.

Officers from the Health Enforcement Unit targetted areas in Kiulap, Tanah Jambu, Mabohai, Anggerek Desa, Kampong Lambak, Berakas, The Mall Gadong and Sungai Hanching in the Brunei-Muara District; Kampong Keriam in the Tutong District; Sungai Liang, Pekan Kuala Belait and the Pekan Kuala Belait weekend market in the Belait District; and Batang Duri, Selangan, Kampong Bokok and Pekan Bangar in the Temburong District.

The violations included lack of mask use among employees at eateries, barbershops, and health and beauty establishments, as well as failure to conduct temperature checks, perform BruHealth QR code scans and observe social distancing measures.

The MoH reminded owners, managers and staff at business premises to comply with the health instructions and regulations, especially employees involved in preparing and handling food. They should also be socially responsible and instil a culture of preventive measures against the spread of COVID-19 in business premises.

Meanwhile, the public is required to use masks and adhere to the guidelines issued by the government when visiting mosques, suraus and religious halls.

Foreign-registered vehicles entering Brunei Darussalam are required to use a vehicle pass sticker, which came into full force on October 1. Applications for the vehicle sticker can be made online, via the TransportBN app or at www.jpd.gov.bn.

Business premises’ managers must obtain the BruHealth QR Code for scanning by customers. They are also advised to use the PremiseScan app for customers who do not have access to the BruHealth app on their mobile phones, instead of taking down personal details in a record book.

Cleanliness must be observed at all times in business premises, while food premises must comply with the established guidelines from the government when serving buffets.

The public can log on to the MoH’s official website at www.moh.gov.bn, or social media pages at Facebook and Instagram, for information.

The public can also lodge complaints of business premises violating the MoH guidelines or instructions, by emailing [email protected] or contacting Darussalam hotline at 123.