15 more nations on Switzerland’s quarantine list

GENEVA — Swiss authorities have added another 15 countries, including Mexico and Luxembourg, to their list of nations facing increased risk of COVID-19 infection from which travellers entering Switzerland will be required to undergo a 10-day quarantine.

There are now 42 countries on the quarantine list, based on per capita outbreak levels over the last two weeks.

Under the Swiss rules, arriving passengers must “immediately and directly” go home or to other “suitable accommodation” for 10 days, and contact cantonal – or regional – authorities within two days.

Release is permitted only after no symptoms have been shown for the duration.

In some cases, cantonal officials provide food and other assistance to those under quarantine — but no support for loss of income is provided.

The move effective yesterday adds places like Costa Rica, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, the “Occupied Palestinian Territories” and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the list already including Brazil, Israel, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United States (US).