129 students focus on healthy living

One hundred and twenty nine Year 8 students from Jerudong International School (JIS) recently enjoyed a healthy living session led by Fitness Zone, at the school’s gymnasiums. The programme focussed on the importance of movement and exercise to complement the students prior learning to appreciate the importance of healthy nutrition, sleep and a balanced lifestyle.

Fitness Zone has collaborated with JIS over the past three years to deliver the healthy living programme.

“It’s great to be able to teach the children the importance of exercise and still have fun at the same time. The founder of Fitness Zone, Wu Chun, is a JIS parent and Fitness Zone has been tremendously supportive to JIS,” said Pastoral Director Richard Bourbon.

In the senior school, the PSHE (Personal Social Health Education) Programme covers three key focusses of physical health, emotional health and intellectual health.

In the middle years (Year 7 to Year 9), these strands are labelled Friendships, Healthy Living and Emotional Resilience. In addition, through their curricular physical education programme, all JIS students from reception through to Year 13 all engage in a variety of physical activities designed to promote an understanding of the importance of physical activity.

ABOVE & BELOW: Students participating in a body attack class. PHOTOS: JIS

“We are so grateful to Fitness Zone for assisting us with our healthy living focussed PSHE strand,” said Middle Years Healthy Living PSHE Coordinator Sue Mead.

“As global childhood obesity rates continue to rise, it is increasingly important that our younger generation realise the impact of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. “Children who are physically active tend to be more physically fit, have stronger bones and muscles, and feel better about themselves compared to kids who are inactive.

“They may even have reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression caused by social media and long exposure to Internet time.”

As an international school, students, staff and parents can benefit from an integration of communities that stretches across cultures and languages, said JIS in a statement. In senior school, students have an hour a week set aside as pastoral time which falls under three central strands: house time, tutor time and PSHE.

PSHE at JIS aims to equip each student with knowledge, self-understanding and social, emotional and intellectual skills necessary to live a well-balanced life to achieve their full potential.