11 remote Sarawak villages benefit from renewable energy

KUCHING (Bernama) – The Sarawak Alternative Rural Electrification Scheme (SARES) being implemented by Sarawak Energy has benefitted 5,000 residents from 556 households in 11 longhouses in Telang Usan, Baram, in the Miri division.

Sarawak Energy, in a statement yes-terday, said these remote communities were part of the 82 villages in the Baram area that were expected to be connected to reliable and renewable 24-hour electricity supply by next year via solar or micro-hydro under SARES.

The 11 longhouses are in Long Nakan, Logan Sibong, Long Ikang, Long Kerangan, Long Nen, Long Sayan, Long Kesseh, Uma Bawang, Long Kawi, Ba Kabeng and Long Itam.

SARES is expected to provide electricity to 8,700 households in remote villages by 2020, Sarawak Energy said, adding that currently, 38 communities in Baram had been connected to electricity supply.

SARES aims to provide electricity supply to Sarawak’s most remote communities through an innovative government-community partnership model. Launched in 2016, the RM500-million programme has accelerated electricity coverage in the state with completed projects for almost 4,000 of the 8,700 households.