Why has my Facebook account been disabled? What you can do

FACEBOOK reserves the right to disable suspicious accounts – in some cases without warning.

However, users of the social network can lodge an appeal against account suspension through an online form. They may submit a copy of their passport and explain why the suspension should be lifted.

Users aren’t allowed to use false identities on Facebook. This means that personal data such as your name and date of birth must be correct and verifiable.

If a site administrator or user suspects that this isn’t the case, they will suspend the account. When this happens, the person concerned is not always informed of the reason for the suspension. They will then have to prove that all their account details are correct using a copy of their passport.

Under the microscope: Facebook monitors users accounts and automatically disables those it deems to be suspicious. – DPA

Offences against the terms of use of the social network are handled in a different way: Facebook will first issue a warning to users posting racist comments, for instance.

If they don’t desist, their account will be suspended. The company will send the user an email, informing them about how long the suspension will last.

In the case of particularly serious violations, Facebook may not ever allow offenders to restore their account. – dpa