Two foreign women under probe for causing alarm over ‘plastic rice’ claim

|     Azaraimy HH     |


TWO women aged 53 and 46 were arrested for making a video falsely claiming that the nation’s rice is made out of plastic – a public order offence, the Central Police Station reported early yesterday.

Preliminary investigations revealed the two women are foreigners.

The one-minute-forty-second-video, which has gone viral on social media throughout the country, shows a woman commenting in a foreign language about the nation’s rice being made from plastic.

The video was allegedly recorded by the woman’s friend and then circulated via WhatsApp.

The video has caused alarm among public in the country.

The police said that they will treat spreading of rumours or false information seriously and will take action against anyone found guilty of intentionally causing public alarm.

Anyone found guilty of disseminating false information, thus causing public alarm, can be punished with a fine of up to $3,000 and imprisonment of three years.

Investigations are ongoing.