Travellers must understand baggage allowances that different airlines allow

I WAS concerned to read the letter ‘Drama at the airport’, which was published in the Borneo Bulletin Opinion page on May 6 and asked our customer service team to investigate the case.

We quickly established that Mr Wall was not travelling on Royal Brunei (RB) flights and the company was not involved in the subsequent issues that he experienced.

His letter does, however, serve as a timely reminder to all travellers of the importance of understanding the baggage allowances that different airlines allow.

There are many differences between full service airlines like RB and low-cost carriers, particularly with regard to free baggage allowance.

All RB airfares include free baggage allowance for both cabin and checked baggage.

For customers travelling in economy class up to 30 kilogrammes and for business class customers 40 kilogrammes of check-in baggage are offered at no additional cost.

Customers who need more can purchase additional baggage space for a fee.

We are in discussions with the Ministry of Communications to establish a set of guidelines for the travel industry in Brunei so that the travelling public has full knowledge of fees, charges and levies and can make an informed choice at time of purchase.

– Brett McDougall,
Executive General Manager,
Sales and Marketing, RB