‘The Spotlight’ to unearth local talents

LIVINGMOMENTSBN- in collaboration with the Brunei Tourism Board (BTB) and Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism (MPRT) – has introduced The Spotlight (Instagram, @thespotlightbrunei) in its quest to unearth local talents.

The latest talent-based competition is part of the recently launched Brunei December Festival 2017.

Commenting on the competition, Deputy Permanent Secretary (Tourism) at the MPRT Wardi bin Haji Mohammad Ali said, “MPRT is delighted to work together with The Spotlight. On top of promoting tourism in the country, we are also able to extend our support to local talents and local entrepreneurs who are mainly youths.

“By having this competition as one of the events of the Brunei December Festival, the local talents would not only be showcasing their acts to Bruneians, but to also to tourists,” he said.

With sufficient exposure, The Spotlight aspires to follow in the path of ‘Asia’s Got Talent’.

This first-of-its-kind competition hopes to provide everyone – especially youth in Brunei Darussalam and upcoming acts – a platform to showcase their talents.

Describing the primary objective behind organising The Spotlight, Livingmomentsbn founder Noor said, “The Spotlight is about embodying unity in diversity. We welcome all sorts of talents or acts to participate as we know there are a lot of youth in Brunei who have unique passion, amazing talents and great potential. Hence, we want them to bring their talent and passion forward and showcase them to the rest of Brunei. It’s time for these uniquely talented individuals/groups to come forth and perform on the mainstream stage.”

Online auditions had been open throughout September. Each registrant can choose to compete as an individual, a duo or as a group.

“Alhamdulillah, public response has been really encouraging and beyond expectations. Over 150 talents and acts have decided to come forth and audition for the preliminary round,” said Noor.

From this, 54 talents or acts were chosen to perform live on stage and faceoff against one another in the semifinal round – held at the Setia Pahlawan Hall of the MPRT on October 8 – for a place in the final (only 12 spots were available).

After two months of auditions and selections, the organiser is pleased to announce the 12 finalists made up of singers, dancers, musicians, magicians, beatboxers and a yo-yo performer.

The four judges Liyana Yus (actress), Maria Aires (singer, composer), Jaspar Yu (Olympic badminton player) and Zainal Bostaman (standup comedian).

Event PR executive Indra said of the judging panel, “To the best of our abilities, we try to put together professionals having different talents with various portfolios. Although each of the judges are from different fields, the common factor is their passion in putting forth the best work for their showmanship. That is the passion and character we hope to be embodied by our finalists, so that they can be seen and appreciated more in the near future, using The Spotlight as their stepping stone.”

Progresif Cellular Sdn Bhd, AKK Design and The Coffee Bean Brunei are official event partners for The Spotlight.

Members of the public are invited to watch the finals live at the Jerudong International School (JIS) Arts Centre at 8pm on December 30.

There will also be special performances by Bruhaha Comedy and En Pointe Academy of Dance.