The portly plumber is back: ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ reviewed

SUPER Mario’s famous cap has remained firmly on his head through all of his adventures over the years. But in “Super Mario Odyssey”, it ceases to be a mere accessory and becomes the main act.

In this new adventure, released in October, Mario’s beloved cap is transformed into a sentient being named Cappy and can be used as a weapon to attack enemies.

Nintendo’s exploration-based game designed for the Switch console is an absolute delight to play.

Super Mario’s nemesis, Bowser, has once again kidnapped Princess Peach, this time to celebrate his long-fantasised fairytale wedding with her.

With the help of Cappy, Mario begins his chase in an airship, traversing many diverse worlds in which Bowser and his henchmen have wreaked havoc. The portable plumber to the rescue!

‘Super Mario Odyssey’ is an adventure game in the classic Mario style, in which the hero’s cap is transformed into a sentient being called Cappy
‘Super Mario Odyssey’ eschews the standard linear structure of levels, allowing players to enter smaller jam-packed worlds as they choose

“Odyssey” eschews the standard linear structure of levels, allowing players to enter smaller jam-packed worlds as they choose.

Among them are deserts full of ruins, a jiving quasi New York, jungles, snow-covered landscapes and underwater caves. In these worlds, Mario fights Bowser’s henchmen and searches for Power Moons to fuel his airship.

Most players will have collected more Power Moons than they need by the time they reach the finale, because there are so many of them and collecting them is so much fun.

The limited controls can unlock a host of acrobatic manoeuvres, from the backflip to the triple-jump and cap-throw. And the generous details make for a thrilling experience.

“Super Mario Odyssey” offers an impressive mix of gaming fun, creativity and wit. And it proves that developers can still make a game for all ages and target audiences without relying on the building blocks of today’s popular blockbusters, from online mode to role-playing elements and micro-transactions. All it takes is a cap, and a hundred good ideas. – Text and Photos by dpa