Startup Weekend comes to Brunei

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STARTUP Weekend Brunei is hosting its inaugural weekend-long workshop on July 21 to 23 at the Progresif Headquarters Event Hall. Startup Weekend is a 54-hour entrepreneur workshop with a global reach of over 2,000 events in over 160 countries.

The goal is to create an environment where passionate people can come together and have an experiential education on all things startup from networking, collaborating and exposing potentials to see real results from idea to action.

“It’s all in 54 hours right from testing your products, changing your ideas as many times as possible, forming your schedule to get the products done within such period. They will become part of the global community and all participants in the Startup Weekend are in contact with entrepreneurs, organisers and participants from all around the world, to receive not just moral support but also financial funding,” a Project Manager of Startup Weekend, Charlotte Lim told the Bulletin yesterday.

“At the end of the workshop, the participants will progress forward on the startup scene in the country. Startup Weekend Brunei is not just an one off programme. They can progress and move ahead. Fifty participants are expected and we hope to get 50 per cent from students and the rest from the public,” another Project Manager of Startup Weekend, Jason Tse Tow, said.

“With a strong belief in experiential education, Startup Weekend prides itself in creating an environment where individuals are comfortable enough to share their craziest ideas, with no fears and at the same time, be provided with the drive and tools to take action om these ideas,” Charlotte Lim who is from The Creative Core BN (TCCBN) added.

TCCBN is a creative company that aims to showcase local artists on both online and offline platforms. TCCBN showcases its work through social media with an effort to develop and grow their presence through small and large scale events. The focus and spotlight is put on the creative process behind the art form to expose the real work that goes into producing any type of art piece.

Startup Weekend is a democratiser of entrepreneurship, making it accessible to as many individuals as possible regardless of their backgrounds.

Startup Weekend welcomes the participation of 50 individuals who are keen to learn and experience how to set up a new business from just an idea into a full-fledged company. They will go through the stresses of real-life situations such as market validation, fine-tuning their ideas for pitching to potential investors.

Charlotte Lim (R) and Jason Tse Tow at the media briefing. - AZLAN OTHMAN
Charlotte Lim (R) and Jason Tse Tow at the media briefing. – AZLAN OTHMAN

Interested individuals may go to the Startup Weekend Brunei website. The closing date is on Thursday, July 20.

For this inaugural event, Startup Weekend Brunei is flying in Anna Jagric, a consultant and facilitator in London. Anna was also part of the original Startup Weekend organising team in Seattle. She facilitates participatory workshops and is a consultant on organisational design and specialises in helping people to start and grow their ideas.

Anna also runs events innovation network called Events For Action – a collective of individuals who use events to design, build and discuss for social growth.

Notable companies that has come out of Startup Weekend are Carousell, which has become the number one lifestyle app in Singapore with presence in Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Other businesses that came out of Startup Weekend are BAH (cybersecurity company), Easy Taxi, Zapier, Rover, Scanadu (medical industry), Hidrate, Foodspotting, Giftstarter and Carpool Arabia.

The participants will get to attend workshops delivered by esteemed and vastly experienced speakers in the startup community. The workshop will help the participants refine their soft skills such as pitching their product, to the technical skills such as coding and lastly, product design.

Startup Weekend is a non-profit organisation of entrepreneurs that believe entrepreneurship can’t be taught in a classroom, team is the most crucial element in a startup, collaboration between organisations/corporates and entrepreneurs, funding does not necessarily equal success, and the entrepreneurial journey.

The organisers are six local youths that believe entrepreneurship should not be taken as a last resort. This movement hopes to shave off the mindset that becoming an entrepreneur is not an option as a career. For the latest updates, follow Startup Weekend Brunei on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Startup Weekend is the world’s starting point for entrepreneurship. The 54-hour event is where startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, and launch startups. They are organisers dedicated to fostering local entrepreneurship to strengthen our community.

Since 2009, it is in over 1,142 cities in more than 140 countries with 234,000 global participants and counting. There have been over 4,157 Startup Weekend events to date, globally.

Participants will discover where they are on their entrepreneur’s journey. They will also be introduced to new resources available near them and will leave knowing the next steps they need to take on their road to success.

Additionally, the participants will learn what it really takes to start a company. It is believed that no book, panel, speaker or blog post will teach them what they need to know. The only way to learn is the experience of trying. Participants will mix, mingle and work with new people who could be their next co- founder, friend, mentor or investor.