Star student shares success tips

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NUR Sa’adatul Yasmin binti Md Sunadi from Year 11 Sc2 received the Best Student Award for 2016. On stage to deliver her cash prize was the Chairperson of SMSSA, Noraini binti Haji Putting. Nur Sa’adatul Yasmin achieved grade A in seven subjects, with the highest grade (A*) in Bahasa Melayu, Biology and Islamic Religious Knowledge.

“I am surprised, yet thankful. Because of my hard work and revisions, I survived,” she said.

As the best student of the school, she said in her advice, “Don’t try to memorise everything because you will forget. I recommend you to understand and most importantly do past year papers because you will understand more by applying more theories to different situations.”

She thanked her teachers and friends for helping her to study. After ‘A’ Level, she hopes to pursue medicine abroad.

Nur Sa’adatul Yasmin binti Md Sunadi
Nur Sa’adatul Yasmin binti Md Sunadi