Security concern over duplicate key

I RECENTLY bought a second hand car through a bank open tender.

As there was only one key, I had to make a duplicate. The bank officials told me that there is a shop in Batu Besurat where I can get the service.

To my surprise, it was very easy to get the duplicate key with an in-built immobiliser. The shop attendant-cum-technician did not even ask for the proof of ownership of the car. We agree on the price and the guy brought a James Bond-type briefcase to the car and set it.

My question is: Is it possible for anyone to get a duplicate key without showing any ownership proof? Is it not a security concern? Can anyone come in and ask for a duplicate key, claiming that the vehicle is his/hers. I understand that these shops can even make duplicate auto gate keys and security alarm remotes.

I hope that relevant authorities as well as the shop management will take note of this and review their policies in this regard.

– BSB Car Owner