Scholars, students urged to visit Rampur Raza Library

|     James Kon     |

RAMPUR Raza Library in India, one of the well known traditional libraries of South Asia founded in 1774 by Nawab Faizullah Khan, has welcomed scholars and students from Brunei Darussalam to visit the library and make use of the vast collection of its rare materials for research purpose.

“Bruneian scholars and students can study about manuscripts and history at the Rampur Raza Library that keeps rare specimens of Islamic calligraphy including by celebrated master calligraphers of Central Asia, Persia and India such as Mir Ali, Muhammad Husain Kashmiri, Zarrin Raqam, Sultan Ali Mashadi, Aaqa Abdul Rasheed Delami, Dara Shikoh, Mir Imad Al-Husaini Abdullah Mushkin Qalam, Gulzar Raqam, Muhammad Akram, Muhammad Habib, Muhammad Masum, Mumin Al-Saini, Muhammad Rafi, Muhammad Hashim and Muhammad Amin Samarqandi,” said Professor Syed Hassan Abbas, Director of the Rampur Raza Library.

Talking to the Bulletin yesterday in an interview on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the ‘Exhibition of Islamic Calligraphy’ at the Malay Technology Museum, he also hoped that there can be collaboration between the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Brunei Darussalam and the Rampur Raza Library. However, no proposals have been made in this regard, he added.

Meanwhile, Syed Tariq Azhar, Senior Technical Restorer at Rampur Raza Library noted that the library has rare specimens of Indo-Islamic arts and culture. “We have more than 17,000 manuscripts, more than 5,000 miniatures and 3,000 rare specimens of Islamic calligraphy,” he said.

The official added that similar exhibitions were held in Morocco and Malaysia and hoped that people will enjoy the exhibition in Brunei and find many interesting things at the event.

Professor Syed Hassan Abbas, the Director of the Rampur Raza Library (centre) with Syed Tariq Azhar, Senior Technical Restores, Rampur Raza Library and an official. – JAMES KON