Reconsider rubber tax

THE Brunei Government has introduced a tax on rubber-related products. It was not explained why it needed to do this.

The products include stationery items like erasers, rubber bands etc. The tax will be between three to five per cent. This will burden the schools and the students. In these hard times we shouldn’t be burdening the families by making basic school necessities costly, especially for the low income families.

At present companies selling stationery items from Miri are active in Brunei and have taken a huge share of the stationery market. This has badly affected local businesses selling stationary items.

Rubber-related auto parts also come under the tax amendment. In a vehicle engine compartment, there are many rubber hoses going to and from the radiator, alternator, battery etc. There are also two rubber belts. The new tax will increase the prices of these spare parts. This will put a big pressure on families most of whom have about four cars.

Tyres for all types of vehicles – lorries, buses, cars, four wheel drives, tipper and cement trucks – will cost more. This will add to corporate and personal expenses.

I request the authorities to reconsider implementing this rubber tax.

– Anak Tempatan