Quick thinker foils house fire

|     Fadley Faisal     |

THE swift actions of a quick-thinking Chinese Malaysian man helped prevent a house from going up in smoke on Friday.

The Fire and Rescue Department dispatched two fire trucks and 10 personnel from the Muara Fire Station after receiving a distress call at 9.31pm.

ABK 34 Md Ali bin Husin led the team, only to find that the Malaysian had doused the Kampong Tanah Jambu house fire using a rubber hose attached to a nearby water pipe.

A loose connection on a distribution board was said to be the cause of the fire. No injuries or fatalities were reported, and damage is estimated to stand at $1,300.

The Fire and Rescue Department advises the public to take safety measures and ensure their premises are equipped with fire extinguishers, fire blankets or smoke detectors. They are also reminded to ensure electrical switches are turned off before leaving the building and to make sure LPG gas is equipped with BSM certified cylinders, hoses and heads. Cooking should not be left unattended and ensure gas head valves are turned off when not in use to avoid leakage.

Children should be supervised when playing with fireworks and avoid playing with matches. Candles or oil lamps should be stored in safe places and extinguished when not in use.

The charred electrical distribution board. - FIRE AND RESCUE DEPARTMENT
The charred electrical distribution board. – FIRE AND RESCUE DEPARTMENT