Public parking concerns

THIS is an everyday occurrence in Brunei Darussalam.

Many shop tenants are reserving or blocking the public parking spaces for their own purposes or for their own customers’ parking.

If the owner or tenant wants to maintain or operate a private parking place at commercial areas, shouldn’t they apply to the Municipal Board for a licence?

I would like to ask the relevant government department if it is illegal if a member of the public removes a cone (which does not belong to any authority) to obtain a parking space inside a white parking line?

If tenants rent a shop unit on the ground floor, do they have the right to occupy the parking space in front of their shop unit?

In some instances, instead of putting up a ‘reserved parking’ sign, they would leave a note on a cone or chair saying, ‘Do not park here. It is for our customers.’

I sincerely hope that the relevant authorities could help clarify this matter.

– Concerned