Participants reminisce Korea visit

THE Korean Embassy in Brunei Darussalam yesterday held a follow-up meeting for Bruneian students and youths who visited Korea this year under the Korea visit programmes.

The three programmes, ‘2017 Korean Government Invitation Programme for Students from Partner Countries’, ‘Youth Camp for Asia’ and ‘GKS for Asean Countries Science and Engineering’ gave 11 Bruneian students the opportunity to visit Korea. The Korean Embassy invited all of them to the chancery for their feedback while also letting them share their experiences among themselves and discuss ways to improve future visit programmes to Korea.

“The programme was generally well arranged. I am happy to be given the chance to visit Korea, especially in the cultural and traditional aspects. I also really enjoyed making rice-cakes. Having good memories there, I am now seeking another opportunity to visit Korea again,” said Sharifah Umi Rafhanah, one of the Youth Camp for Asia’s participants.

The Korean Embassy hopes the experiences they gained in Korea will contribute to their future, making it much brighter and promising. The Korean Embassy also plans to continuously keep in touch with the participants.

A group photo of the Bruneian students and youths who visited Korea this year. – KOREAN EMBASSY IN BRUNEI DARUSSALAM