Obese medical personnel poor health advertisement

I APPRECIATE the fact that the Ministry of Health is attempting to promote a healthy lifestyle by warning the public about the dangers of obesity, which is linked to high-risk factors such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and renal failure. But it has come to my notice that it is not just the patients who are overweight and beset with obesity problems.

Many of the nurses — male or female, local or expatriate — and the medical support staff are overweight. You can actually hear them panting as they walk past.

They are a poor advertisement for good health in the medical sector. If they cannot set a good example, then why are the patients expected to follow?

The Ministry of Health should insist on good nutrition and fitness for its staff. I understand that it is difficult to make time for exercise in a hectic work schedule, but they should at least try.

I remember reading about how police personnel in Thailand, the Philippines and India were struggling with weight issues until they were ordered to reduce their waistlines or else lose their jobs.

Why don’t they adopt the same drastic measures at the Ministry of Health as well?

– CL