New promotion at Cinnabon

|     Achong Tanjong     |

CINNABON Brunei is holding Add Drinks promotion and 50 per cent discount on all Cinnapacks, one of its famous products.

The newest add drinks combo allows customers to purchase black coffee for $1 and blended drinks for $2 upon purchase of any Cinnabon rolls. Choices for blended drinks include the Strawberry Chilatta, Oreo Chilatta, Nutella Chilatta among other signature chilattas of Cinnabon.

The Add Drinks promotion and 50 per cent discount off the Cinnapacks are available take away and delivery.

Cinnabon is well-known for its array of special baked goodies like the Cinnamon, choco and pecan rolls in various sizes.

Cinnabon Brunei has two stores at Times Square Shopping Centre and KB Sentral Shopping Centre.

Cinnabon choices of blended drinks