New menu with Thai flavour

|    Aziz Idris   |

EXPERIENCE a burst of spices from the ‘Land of Smiles’ with KFC’s Spicy Sawadee Crunch that promises to entice fans of the popular fast-food franchise.

KFC Brunei launched the new menu yesterday for a limited time featuring a blend of Thai flavours at an affordable price.

The latest Spicy Sawadee Crunch is an exquisite union of KFC and Thai mastery. The succulent chicken is marinated with KFC’s signature Hot and Spicy mix, luxuriously coated with authentic Thai herbs and spices, fried to golden perfection.

“Thai influences need no introduction to our taste buds. Their cuisine boasts fresh, hot and citrusy flavours that Bruneians love. The subtle sweet, sour and spicy blend that is distinctively Thai together with KFC’s favourite Hot & Spicy chicken makes it uniquely satisfying and designed to satisfy all KFC and Thai food lovers,” said Jaymee Lau, Marketing Executive, KFC Brunei.

The new menu is available for two-piece or three-piece chicken combo meals. Both combos come with signature KFC sides of coleslaw and whipped potato, and a refreshing soft drink.

KFC Spicy Sawadee Crunch Combo. – RAHWANI ZAHARI