New autism centre opens in Jangsak

SPARK Lifeskill opened its autism centre in Jangsak in November 2017, with the goal of helping children with autism reach their full potential.

Spark Lifeskill is headed by McCoy Chin, who has more than a decade of experience in special needs education between the United States and Brunei.

A psychology graduate, McCoy began his career at Hand in Hand Development Inc, an early intervention centre for children with autism in New York City. Upon returning home to Brunei, McCoy continued to build on his experiences by administering therapy and assisting with special education programming.

McCoy is a certified behaviour and career consultant, as well as a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – an approach to communication and personal development which has been used to address various psychological issues.

He is assisted by Nurliyana binti Yahya, the Head Therapist at Spark Lifeskill. Liyana has more than five years of experience in applied behaviour analysis (ABA) therapy – one of the approaches utilised at Spark Lifeskill. ABA is a scientifically validated approach that reinforces positive behaviours while minimising harmful ones.

Spark Lifeskill’s team

The Spark Lifeskill team comprises highly skilled professionals qualified to provide services that address behavioural issues, training for speech and language, special education, and counselling.

The centre operates five days a week, providing three hours of therapy and special education a day to children as young as two years. The centre also provides flexible options such as part-time and trail programmes on a case-to-case basis.

Each session, children undergo intensive one-on-one therapy with a behavioural therapist to acquire specific skills. Children are also placed in a classroom setting with an assistant therapist per child to work more broadly on social skills.

Before enrolment, each child will be evaluated for critical skills in need of intervention. Customised therapy based on a child’s unique needs will then be provided.