Management, staff praised for TelBru’s ISO achievement

|     Danial Norjidi     |

THE attainment of ISO 9001:2015 certification by Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) is an achievement to be proud of, and is an achievement of prestigious international recognition.

This was said by Evelyn Chye, the General Manager of BSI Malaysia delivering a keynote address at the certification presentation ceremony yesterday.

“The management and officers of TelBru have worked diligently hard as a team and succeeded in taking up the challenge of getting their organisation ISO certified which is crucial to remain competitive in this market. They can be proud of their achievement.”

“The ISO 9001 certification is TelBru’s commitment to continuously improve on their quality management system by complying with all applicable legal and contractual requirements while adopting the best technology in its project execution.”

She explained that this certification fulfils the International Standards requirement, and assures TelBru’s customer they care about delivering the best quality, cost-effective and consistent service with utmost focus on Customer Satisfaction.

Evelyn Chye, the General Manager of BSI Malaysia speaking at the ceremony. – DANIAL NORJIDI

“TelBru has an excellent Quality Management System in place and Awareness at the all level of process,” she said, noting that during the certification journey, all staff members of TelBru were cooperative and positive towards the whole assessment process. She also noted that Quality Management System records filing and traceability were good and easy to retrieve.

“It demonstrates the top management commitment, Company’s systematic and process-driven approach to quality performance, execution, and service consistency, and will meet the needs of stakeholders and employees.”

This strategic direction, she said, is aligned with the BSI credo, ‘Making Excellence a Habit’.

“We work closely with our partners to ensure they achieved excellence in their forte and propel their management system according to the subscribed standard certification, which will then, helps the organisation to adhere to the relevant values beyond the standard requirements. Truly, the keyword today is ‘Excellence’.

“TelBru is the premier telecommunications company in Brunei Darussalam and a leading service provider for fixed line, broadband services, leased lines and data services. TelBru has set a strategic direction and plan to achieve excellence in its objectives and to build a successful, sustainable and profitable telecoms business.”

Chye explained that ISO 9001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organisations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

“Changes introduced in the 2015 revision are intended to ensure that ISO 9001 continues to adapt to the changing environments in which organisations operate.

“Some of the key updates in ISO-9001:2015 include the introduction of new terminology, restructuring some of the information, an emphasis on risk mitigation thinking to enhance the application of the process approach, improved applicability for services, and increased leadership requirements.”

She noted that globally there are over 1.2 million organisations certified to ISO 9001 and while it continues to be as relevant as ever, the revision will take into consideration a number of issues to ensure it enhances an organisation’s ability to consistently provide products that meet customer requirements.

Chye shared that BSI (British Standards Institution), a private company incorporated by Royal Charter, is a business standards company that equips businesses with solutions to turn standards of best practice into habits of excellence.

Formed in 1901, BSI was the world’s first National Standards Body and a founding member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Over a century later it continues to facilitate business improvement across the globe by helping its clients drive performance, manage risk and grow sustainably through the adoption of international management systems standards. BSI has over 80,000 clients in 182 countries.

She highlighted that the BSI Group was “truly honoured to be part of TelBru’s journey towards excellence, and today marks a significant milestone for achieving the ISO 9001:2015 certification with BSI”.

“On behalf of BSI Group, I would like to congratulate the management and staff of TelBru for attaining the prestigious international recognition, ISO 9001:2015 Certification and let’s ‘Make Excellence a Habit’,” she added.