Long wait to hear back about a job: JobCentre Brunei looking into matter

THE Energy and Industry Department, Prime Minister’s Office (EIDPMO) would like to refer to the letter ‘Playing the waiting game: Woes of a job applicant’, published in the Borneo Bulletin on February 8, 2017.

First and foremost, we would like to thank the writer ‘Disappointed Job Applicant’ for raising the issue on the lack or delay of responses from companies on local jobseekers’ applications in the JobCentre Brunei (JCB) system.

As the writer has rightly pointed out, this is a challenge and the JCB is working towards improving this.

JCB’s services include monitoring and following up with companies to remind them to respond to all jobseekers’ applications in a timely manner.

JCB is currently looking into the issue raised by the writer. A timeline or Tekad Pemedulian Orang Ramai (TPOR) is currently under discussion and review to ensure that companies provide prompt responses to jobseekers.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind all companies to duly meet their responsibilities and act with due diligence in their recruitment process to ensure prompt responses to all jobseekers’ applications on their posted vacancies.

For your kind information, the function of JCB has been transferred from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) to EIDPMO. Since JCB only began its operations on January 11, 2017, we are still continuously seeking to improve the JCB’s services. We welcome and value all feedback as this will help us to serve jobseekers better.

For further information or any other concerns, we would like to invite the writer as well as anyone else who may have any issues to please contact us at jobcentrebrunei@jpm.gov.bn or 2444123 ext 112 to allow us to better address your issues.

We also encourage jobseekers to visit the JCB building which is located at: Former Bina Building, KM 8, Jln Perindustrian Kg Beribi, Bandar Seri Begawan, BE1118.

JobCentre Brunei is open from Monday to Saturday, 8am to 11.45am and 2pm to 4pm (except Friday, 8am to 11.30am and 2pm to 4pm). JCB can also be accessed 24/7 via its website at www.jobcentrebrunei.gov.bn.

JCB’s services are open to all local jobseekers and companies. Currently, JCB offers a number of services to local jobseekers including one-on-one career consultation with our dedicated consultants who are able to assist you on current job and apprenticeship opportunities.

JCB also runs upskilling programs and opportunities such as Interview Tips, CV Writing Clinics and Digital Literacy programs. All these services aim to increase the employability and marketability of our local jobseekers.