Liam: Cheryl is ‘quite critical’ of his music

LIAM Payne has confessed that his girlfriend Cheryl Tweedy is “quite critical” of his music.

The ‘Bedroom Floor’ hitmaker relies on his girlfriend to give him advice on his music and whilst she is “quite a harsh judge”, he appreciates her comments.

Asked if he was nervous about showing his solo music to Cheryl ahead of his performance on Saturday night at Free Radio Live, he said, “I was a little bit. She’s a judge – she still judges – she’s quite critical. No, she really likes it but we have odd taste. We have different tastes in music. I just love music in general so whatever I’m sent, I’m like, I love it, I love it. And she’s like, ‘No’, and I have to listen at times. She’s quite a harsh judge. Comes from her X Factor days.”

Meanwhile, Liam previously revealed he has “rap battles” with the former Girls Aloud star, with whom he shares seven-month-old son Bear.

He said, “To be honest with you, we have rap battles in the kitchen, we have dance battles, I learn new moves all the time.” – BANG!