Lenovo’s Yoga 920 targets ‘Star Wars’ fans, upgrades voice commands

LENOVO, one of the world’s largest PC makers, is teaming up with Disney to zero in on an interesting market: “Star Wars” fans.

Lenovo will offer its Yoga 920 (see photo below), which combines a laptop and a tablet computer, in two limited-edition “Star Wars” themes later this year.

Consumers can choose between the light side or the dark side: The Galactic Empire model is aimed at those who’d side with the likes of Darth Vader, while the Rebel Alliance is for fans of the good guys.

At the Lenovo booth at the IFA electronics show in Berlin, visitors can play with the new Yoga 920, albeit without the “Star Wars” theme.

The new Yoga 920 also offers Microsoft’s speech-recognition software Cortana.

The highlight? You can talk to Cortana even when the Yoga 920 is in stand-by mode.

Cortana can also hear you from up to four metres away thanks to the device’s super-sensitive microphones.

That means, for example, that Cortana could read out an e-mail or calendar entry to you without your having to start up your computer.