Kemuda Institute marks 1st Sports Day

KEMUDA Institute had recently organised their first Sports Day.

Held at the Berakas Sports Complex at Jalan Padang Kebajikan, the Sports Day aims to inspire students to promote cooperation, good socialism and confidence.

The guest of honour was Shaiful Arief bin Dato Paduka Haji Abdul Razak, the Board of Director for Kemuda Institute officiated Kemuda Institute’s 1st Sports Day.

The Managing Director of Kemuda Institute also gave welcoming remarks to the students, staff and alumni.

The students and alumni were placed in four different houses, Damang Sari, Patih Berbai, Patih Tuba and Awang Budiman.

One of the teams during the tug-of-war event
Group photo of members of the Kemuda Institute during their 1st Sports Day

A dance routine was performed by the Performance Art Club of Kemuda Institute Belait Campus as the opening act of the event.

Students competed in different categories of sport tournaments which included futsal, dodgeball, netball, 100-metre sprint and 800-metre relay.

There were also various mini games available such as a Sack Race, Running with a Nail in a Bottle, Eat and Run, and Tug-of-War.

The event ended with a prize presentation.

The champion’s trophy went to the house of Awang Budiman.