ISB holds final Sprout IQ Farm-to-School session

INTERNATIONAL School Brunei (ISB) held the last session for the Sprout IQ Farm-to-School programme at its premises last Thursday.

The session was attended by all programme participants and AGROME IQ staff.

Participants were given a presentation on agricultural entrepreneurship, and got to experience real-world application of agriculture to generate income in an exciting way through games.

AGROME IQ founder and chief executive officer Vanessa Teo later presented certificates of accomplishment to all programme participants.

ISB was the first school to implement the Sprout IQ Farm-to-School programme, which is provided by Agrome IQ International Sdn Bhd.

International School Brunei students in a group photo with AGROME IQ staff
The students during the programme. – PHOTOS: AGROMEIQ

The programme is an educational platform designed specifically for schools and educational institutions in Brunei.

Creating impact at an early stage of learning, Sprout IQ Farm-to-School is a modern customisable educational programme that caters to every level of the young generation, teaching them to grow their own food and instilling within them knowledge, self-reliance, an entrepreneurial spirit and sense of responsibility, while also exposing them to hands-on agricultural experience.

The four-month-long programme features the installation of a farm setup (which includes a fertigation system), weekly visits and classes by Agrome IQ to ensure efficient management of the farm system, and usage of the Sprout IQ mobile app technology (which comes with grown crop profiles and information, as well as daily farm guides).

The programme teaches students the fundamentals of urban farming and entrepreneurship, in addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle among the younger generation.

AGROME IQ is committed to ensuring the food security of Brunei by educating and motivating the younger demographic on farming and its importance in contributing to the country’s GDP in line with Brunei Vision 2035, to transform Brunei into a nation with a dynamic and sustainable economy and having one of the top 10 per capita incomes in the world.