Iran discovers huge iron ore reserves

TEHRAN (Xinhua) – Iran has discovered a huge iron ore reserves in Iran’s central province of Yazd, Press TV quoted an industry official as saying yesterday.

The new iron ore mine is estimated to hold two billion tonnes of reserves at a depth of 1,500km, Director General of Industry, Mine and Trade of Yazd Province Mohammad Reza Alamdar-Yazdi said.

Alamdar-Yazdi described the mine as “unique” in terms of reserves and iron content in the world. The official said that it will help the capacities of Yazd and Iran in general in a “huge” way.

The country’s total reserves of iron ore, the steel-making ingredients, are already more than three billion tonnes.

“Altogether, 90 per cent of the Yazd province is a mineral-bearing area, where 28 promising and significant areas have been explored so far,” the official said.