Increased jail term for serial thief

|     Fadley Faisal     |

THE High Court recently increased the jail term of a thief in an appeal made by the Public Prosecutor.

Local man Sahrol bin Haji Abdul Rahman, 37, was sentenced to 15 months’ jail by the Magistrate’s Court after he pleaded guilty to multiple charges of theft.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Aiman Zakaria contested the Magistrate’s Court’s decision in passing the 15 months’ jail and suggested a higher sentence to meet the circumstances of the case as it involved serious offences of trespass and theft from a dwelling and the stolen items were not recovered.

Chief Justice Dato Seri Paduka Haji Kifrawi bin Dato Paduka Haji Kifli considered the circumstances of the case and increased the sentence to two years’ imprisonment.

Sahrol stole six pieces of Islamic wall art and a flat-screen TV from a house at RPN Kampong Lambak Kanan sometime between March and June, 2016. The defendant also stole a window-type air-conditioner unit from another house at RPN Kampong Lambak Kanan sometime in May this year.

The defendant was arrested when he trespassed into yet another house at RPN Kampong Lambak Kanan on May 2. After breaking into the house, Sahrol decided to take a nap on the couch in the living room downstairs, before looking for items to steal.

He was discovered by the house owner, who then called the police.