Improve Internet services

I WOULD like to comment on TelBru’s personal Internet plans.

Currently only four data options are available for home users. These are 25GB, 95GB, 200GB and 300GB which are offered after the revised pricing plans.

Previously, there were six options available under the old pricing plans. The two options missing were 45GB and 150GB.

While the new plans offer better value, I don’t think they give a good distribution of choices to every user. There are huge gaps between 95GB and 300GB – both in plan and pricing. I find it difficult to fit on which plan I need to be on.

Some months I am on 95GB, while in some other months I use around 150GB. To get around this Telbru offers top-up plans.

However, in my opinion, the top-up prices are not good value. They are more like a penalty which costs more than upgrading to the next data plan.

It would be good if the top-up prices are charged at the same price as the subscribed plan, but pro-rated based on the amount of data used. Another option is that, subscribers should be allowed to carry over any unused data onto the following months.

Another thing I want to comment is that why must a user pay an additional monthly charge for fixed landline to subscribe for a data plan? With today’s technology, everybody has access to a mobile phone. Not many people use home telephone these days. So, this fixed phone can be omitted from the Internet subscription.

In summary, TelBru can provide a better value for their Internet service by doing these few things:

(1) Introduce additional data plans such as 50GB, 150GB and 250GB to provide more flexible choices

(2) Make data top-up charges pro-rated to subscribers’ data plan based on usage

(3) Eliminate the fixed phone line from users’ Internet subscriptions

Let’s hope that TelBru can come up with some solutions to provide a better value to their Internet services.

– Customer