Implement ‘no bags’ rule throughout week

THE “no plastic bags” rule on weekends applies to stores nationwide. But in my opinion, this rule can be applied throughout the week.

Imagine the number of plastic bags that can be reduced if this rule is implemented all days. Instead of letting cashiers pull out bags after bags to store groceries in, supermarkets should be selling bags that can be reused.

Throughout our education, we were taught to “reduce, reuse and recycle” – the 3Rs, but they are not actually being taken seriously by many.

Why are we not learning from countries like Finland, Germany, or the Netherlands? This is quite a big issue and needs to be considered seriously.

Imagine the number of cars a family owns. I estimate three cars on average per family in Brunei and air pollution caused by them is alarming.

Reducing the number of bags is one of the ways to create a sustainable environment.

The relevant departments should take steps to implement the rule more effectively.

– Worried Millennial