Ibadah Camp focusses on fundamentals of Al-Quran reading and Doa memorisation

|     Ishan Ibrahim     |

SYAMDE Bright Kids School (SBKS) recently organised an Ibadah Camp for children aged seven to 12 for the school holidays.

The intensive five-day programme, which commenced on Monday, will teach the children proper Iqra’ recitation and Al-Quran reading along with Hadith and Doa memorisation techniques.

According to Siti Zuraidah binti Haji Abdul Wahab, the school’s Administration Manager, the sessions will emphasise the rule of Tajweed and basic knowledge of Fardhu Ain.

“This is to give the children who have little or no knowledge of Tajweed more familiarity on the concept,” she said, adding that the aim of the sessions is introduce the school’s new International Islamic Curriculum to the public.

The school, located at Kampong Sungai Tilong, Jalan Muara, will begin next year in January with core subjects being Al-Quran reading and Hadith memorisation, among others.

A group photo of the students at the Ibadah Camp conducted by Syamde Bright Kids School. – ISHAN IBRAHIM

An English-medium school, SBKS uses a “learning through play” learning methodology, integrating it with Islamic education. The school is open to children aged three to five.

Programmes during the camp are mainly delivered in Malay and English, though Arabic is also used and taught to the children.

Tutors will also guide and encourage the children to speak publicly to develop their self-confidence and prepare them to deliver effective presentations in the future.

Camp sessions will begin at 7.30am and conclude at 4.30pm.