Healthy lifestyle with martial arts

|     Hakim Hayat     |

IN EFFORTS to revive the art of judo in the country, the Judo Academy Class of Brunei Darussalam is opening registrations for the public to learn about the unique modern martial arts pedagogy that originated from Japan in 1882.

The country has 30 active judo members since the academy opened in April this year, and now, the martial art, popular across the world, is looking to recruit more members with the joint collaboration between Brunei’s Sports School, Government of Japan and the Kodokan Judo Institute based in Japan.

Judo Master Saki Kishimoto, a ‘second dan’ black belt holder under the Kodokan Judo Institute said that judo was popular in Brunei more than two decades ago and said he wishes to see the revival of the art to develop judo athletes in the future.

He said one of the reasons they want to revive judo in the country is to introduce the ‘Seiryoku Zenyo’ and ‘Jita Kyoei’ philosophies, that aim to generate tolerant communities and give them the opportunity to learn judo for a healthier lifestyle in physical and mental aspects.

“Those taking part in our classes will undergo different physical and skill training and judo grasping techniques, as well as the Japanese language and culture, including discipline, respect and appreciation to each individual,” Kishimoto explained.

Judo Master Saki Kishimoto in a group photo with other members of the Judo Academy Class of Brunei Darussalam. – HAKIM HAYAT