Gal Gadot too busy to be a diva

GAL Gadot has claimed she’s too busy to let herself become a “diva”, as she doesn’t have time to let fame get to her head.

The 32-year-old actress has shot to fame since landing the role of Wonder Woman in the eponymously titled DC Extended Universe movie, but has said she isn’t taking her newfound fame to extremes because she doesn’t have time to let her success go to her head.

Gal – who has six-year-old Alma and nine-month-old Maya with her husband Yaron Versano – said, “I think that having a family really keeps you grounded. It’s very clear. The priorities are very, very clear. Family comes first.

“My daughters, my husband, comes first, and then there’s work that I love and I’m passionate about. But I think that when you come back home … you need to cook dinner, bathe them.

“Like, there’s no room to get lost or become diva or whatever. I need to change dirty diapers.”

When she isn’t donning her superhero suit, Gal is busy being a real life superhero to her children, as she’s determined to make sure they grow up with “good self-esteem and confidence”. – BANG!