Fledgling Android app helps you free up space on your phone

GOOGLE is in the process of developing a new data manager app for Android designed to help users manage files and clear out free space on their phones.

Files Go, currently available in Google Play store in a trial version, helps users to automatically find apps they aren’t using, and makes it easier to identify other space-guzzlers, such as duplicate photos.

The app also includes a file manager which is easier to use than some pre-installed software and even allows direct transmission of files from phone to phone. Similarly to Apple’s AirDrop, it does this through wi-fi and Bluetooth.

Both phone owners need to have Files Go installed, and the owner of the receiving phone has to confirm the transaction before the file being shared lands on their device.

If both devices are in the same network, they should be able to find each other quickly – otherwise they’ll have to discover each other via Bluetooth before the file can be exchanged. – Text and Photo by dpa

What’s taking up space on your phone? With Google’s new Files Go app, you will be able to find out more easily