Flash floods after continuous rain bring woes to Ulu Tutong residents

|      Achong Tanjong     |

RESIDENTS living in low-lying interior areas of the Tutong District, particularly those from the flash flood-prone areas, are living in fear following continuous rain in the past few days.

According to a village resident from Kampong Benutan, the worst-affected areas are the main roads in Kampong Keranching, Kampong Benutan and Jalan Bangkuru.

Concerned residents who contacted the Bulletin yesterday said that the main road at the concerned areas was not accessible by small vehicles and passable only by large ones, such as lorries, due to water reaching up to knee-deep levels.

Some of the residents have not returned home following the floods and are staying temporarily at their workplace in Lamunin, as their children are attending Tanjong Maya Secondary School in Tutong.

The road covered by water reaching knee-deep levels. – ACHONG TANJONG

Residents have been reminded to be alert and to increase safety measures due to the situation.

They are also advised to not let small children play in the flooded areas to avoid unfortunate incidents.

“The road is important for us to go about our daily activities,” lamented the residents.

“The current condition of the road is really a nuisance, especially when we need to rush for in need of emergency medical attention to the hospital.”